Elise's Choice video inspiration

Hey you guys! Today I’m starting another new series called ‘Video Inspiration’. These 6 videos are full of handy tips & tricks or fun ideas! Let’s get starting!
1. 5 Ways To Plump Up Your Lip
The first video is from Michelle Phan. She teaches you how to plump u your lips in 5 different ways. I really like this video and it did help me.

2. How To Take Good Instagram Photos This video is probably helpfull for almost everyone. Aimee shows you (as it says in the title) how to take good instagram photos. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really take a look at it now!

3. Back To School: 5 Quik Hairstyle Ideas! No Heat When you are or aren’t going back to school, 5 quik hairstyles always come in handy. I really like these ones, but you do need long hair for 4 of them.

4. How To Make A Chocolate Bar Cake I’m a real dessert-lover and this dessert looks so delicious. It’s also very pretty. I love cake and I adore chocolate, so it’s a perfect combination!

5. Favorite Lipsticks (Va Va Voom Extended) This was the first video I saw from Claire (Heyclaire), and I thought it was really cool. She shows her favorite lipsticks in a very cool way!

6. 10 Ways To Look Taller When I saw this title I immediately clicked on it. Chriselle Lim shows how you should dress to look taller. If you like to look taller, I suggest you take a look!

These were all the videos! Let me now which one you liked the most! 


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