Wearing Sunglasses In The Fall Or Winter

Wearing Sunglasses In The Fall Or Winter

In the summer my all time favorite accessory is my pair of sunglasses, but in the winter I always leave my pair at home. Now it’s fall again and I started to ask myself if it is okay to wear my sunglasses when, well, the sun isn’t shining. 
And yes, now I find it totally okay to add a pair of sunglasses to your fall or winter outfit. I wouldn’t go for a pink, blue or another bright colored pair, but a pair of (dark) brown or black sunglasses can really make your outfit look better. Also, when you’re leaving the house just to buy some food or to go shopping and you don’t want to put make-up on, you can just throw on your pair of minimalistic sunglasses and you are ready to go! My favorites, here and here.

Do you add sunglasses to your fall/winter outfits? Let me know!

source photo before editing


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