Tips For The Traveling Girl

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Your crossbody is your best friend when you’re on a trip. You should always have one with you when you are traveling. A clutch can also come in handy, but a crossbody bag is still better. You can use your hands, it’s light, small and you can put your phone, wallet, hotelkeys etc. away. There are also really pretty ones. At this moment I’m really loving the mini crossbodies from Michael Kors, especially the colored ones. My favorites, here and here

It’s not always possible to bring your own beauty products because of the size of the bottles. To solve that problem you can go to your local store and buy little, plastic bottles that are made out of plastic. You can then fill them up with some of your shampoo, conditioner etc. in the little bottles and you are good to go!

Flying isn’t the most comfortable experience and often a few little things can make your flight a lot more comfortable. I really hate landing and having a horrible pain in my ears and not being able to hear completely normal again for two days. To make sure you don’t have that problem, you can put in earplugs during the whole flight (earplugs especially for on a plane here). Another, famous tip is chewing gum. It also works, but I find earplugs still better and on a long term they’re much more cheaper. If you want to make sure you’ll have no ear problem what so ever, you can two both of the tricks at the same time.

Let me know if these tips helped you out and if you have any other helpful tips!

photo before editing : here


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