Mix & Match – Nail polish And Bracelets

Elise's Choice
I don’t always think about mixing my nail polish with my armcandy, I just put on some bracelets and don’t really look at my current shade of nail polish. But through mixing a couple of bracelets with different nail polish shades, you can create fun combinations. I did the same thing and here are some of my combinations!

1° Shades Of Blue + Neon Orange
bluee neon orange
2° (Faux) Diamonds + Greyish Green
images greyish green
3° Multi Colored + Neutrals
multi colored neutral
4° Shades Of Pink + Metallic
pink metallic

Links : light blue bracelet – flashy blue bracelet dark blue bracelet – first faux diamond bracelet – second faux diamond bracelet –  multi colored bracelet – pink studded bracelet – pink friendship bracelet
Nail polish: saturday disco fever – fall in line – cashmere bathrobe – sand tropez 


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