5 Ways To Wear A Dress

Elise's Choice

Hey you guys! Today I will be showing you how to style one dress 5 ways. Let’s get to it! First you need a simple dress that you love to wear and that’s in a neutral color. I used a grey, fitted dress by Tommy Hilfiger. 
1. The first outfit is really simple. The only thing you do is belt your dress.I really love using a shirt as your belt. So, here I took a denim shirt and just wrapped it around my waist. When you use denim your outfit will immediately look a lot more casual and fun.
Elise's Choice Elise's Choice

2. Here, I also paired my dress with a shirt, but this time I didn’t wrap it around my waist. I chose for a loose, colored shirt to put some color in my outfit. If you choose a loose shirt, your outfit will also look much more casual than before. I also really like the shirt wrapped around my waist as I did with my denim shirt.

IMG_8990 IMG_8999

3. This one is my favorite outfit. I added a loose top on top of my dress and then I wrapped my jeans shirt around my waist. You can also use a belt, but a shirt is easier to cover up the bottom line of your top. Also make sure you use a top that is  in the same color as your dress.

IMG_8985 IMG_8970IMG_8968

4. What you can also do is just layer on a skirt, but make sure your skirt is longer than your dress! :)

IMG_9068  Elise's Choice
5. And if you can add a skirt, you can add a pair of trousers! Yes, yes I’ve put my dress in my pants. But this really works, especially when your dress has a beautiful print. You just double fold the border of your dress, and put it inside your trousers. If your dress now looks like a simple top, you can add more power by adding printed and colored accessories. I added a colored bracelet by Bijou Brigitte and a pair of leopard ballerinas by Massimo Dutti.

IMG_9003 IMG_9015


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