How To Find The Perfect Blog Name

Blog name

I didn’t have a hard time finding a name for my blog, but a lot of people do and find it really difficult to find a good title that they love and others do as well. So I thought I’d give you guys some tips to find the perfect name for your blog.


I knew when I started this blog that I wanted a personal name, something that’s mine and relates to myself. And what’s more personal than a title that contains your own name? After that it wasn’t hard at all to find Elise’s Choice. So the first thing to do is think of which style or theme you like. Do you want a personal blog name, a title that reveals your content, a funny title… When you’re done with that, it will be a lot more easy.


The length of your blog title also matters, people will remember short blog names much better. So make sure your blog name is not longer than 4 words. Examples : The Blonde Salad, Tuula, Song Of Style, Cupcakes And Cashmere, Fashionata.


If you choose a personal blog title it’s really easy to find one, but when you want a content revealing blog name it’s a bit more difficult. Then you can decide if you want an alliteration or not.
Good titles that use alliteration are Cupcakes & Cashmere and Style Sunrise.


When you choose a name don’t forget to be original! Pick a name you like, there will always be people that don’t like your blog name. And make sure when you’ve found a good name, you search the web for it to make sure it doesn’t already exists!

Let me know if these tips helped you! Comment down below.
Love, Elise


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