Get Shining And Smooth Hair In 6 Steps

How to Get shining

I’ve been trying a lot to get rid of that little bit of frizzed hair and now I finally have the solution! I’ll show which products to use to get perfectly smooth and shining hair.

anti-frizzy hair

Brush your hair with a soft brush (1) until your hair is fully untangled.

When you’re in the shower, wash your hair with regular shampoo. I used a shampoo for normal hair from Asprey (2). Then just rinse it out.

Use a repairing cream on your wet hair. I used the one on the photo from Elsève (4).
Let it on for 3 to 4 minutes and then rinse it out. You will feel that your hair is really smooth while rinsing.

When you get out of the shower just brush your wet hair with a small comb.
Then squeeze your hair until it stops dripping. But don’t dry your hair with a towel, that will make your hair more frizzy.

Blow dry your hair with a blowdryer. You want to keep the distance between the blowdryer and your head big enough (20 cm), because the closer the heat to your hair, the more frizzy your hair will be. What you can do to help is to lock your arm and then the distance is perfectly fine.

When it’s dry, you just brush your hair again until it’s soft and without any knots. Then you apply an anti-frizz cream on your dry hair. I used the anti-frizz cream by Syoss (3). Make sure you spread it across your whole head and a little bit extra on the top.

Now your hair should be smooth and shining for at least three days!
Let me know if these steps worked for you or if they didn’t! Love, Elise.


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