Dont’s That Turned Into Do’s Over The Years

Fashion is a world by it’s self and a lot of things change over the years. Even the things that are once completely undoable and a big buzz turn into the newest trends. That doesn’t happen much, ,but some of them really turn into big trends every fashionista pulls off like these ones;


This was the big trend in the summer of 2014. Everyone had them (well except for me than). I don’t know, I still don’t like them. Alexa Chung can wear them perfectly, but – I mean – she can pull off a garbage bag, right? Were you a fan of this trend?


These pool slippers were a total buzz back in the days. They were the pair of shoes a bold forthy year old man wore paired with a white shirt that showed his belly button. But the fashion icons started wearing them in 2012 and they finally sort of broke free and became a trend in the summer of 2013. For me they’re just as bad as the Birkenstocks, but they in the photo they really look cool.


And last but not least: print mixing. This used to be a buzz, but now we know how to do it right and it really works. This trend I do love! It’s not easy to find the right pieces to combine, so if you need some tips like I do then just click on the link below.

Which ‘Dont That Turned Into A Do’ do you like the most? (Never thought I’d say that btw…)


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