How To Find The Clothes You’re Really Looking For


We all see those girls who are wearing that one thing we really want, but can’t seem to find anywhere. Or you’re going shopping, looking for a really beautiful piece and come home  empty handed or with something you’re excited about first, but only wear once or twice. Well I have a few tips you can use to avoid all of those things and build yourself a wardrobe you love!

Shop By Color

If you want a garment in a specific color or you just want a bright piece, the best thing to do is to enter a store and just search for bright colors like yellow, orange, red or anything else that draws your attention. You can do just the same thing for neutrals like white, black, nude or grey. Then you don’t waste your time looking at other things.

Do Some Research

Before you go shopping, it’s better to search the web for the items you’re looking for so you know in which stores you might find them.

In The Fitting Rooms

A closet full of clothing you love, starts in the fitting rooms. If you’re wearing something, you should ask yourself the following questions before buying :

– Do I feel confident and pretty in this garment?
– Do I like the color?
– Does this piece fit my body type?
– (Maybe a bit stupid but it does really help) Am I excited to wear this?
– Can I combine it with the clothes I already have?
– Do I like it enough to pay the price/does it fall under my budget?

I know they all sound really stupid, but when your answers are all ‘yes’, I’m sure you’ll wear the piece a lot!

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