Favorite Blogger Of The Week

Favorite Blogger Of The Week

This week my favorite blogger is … Caroline from Un-Fancy.com! Caroline is a fashion blogger from the USA who currently lives in Texas. Why I like her so much? She isn’t just a fashion blogger. She invented this thing called a ‘capsule wardrobe’, every 3 months she chooses 25-30 pieces that she loves out of her closet and wears them for 3 months! Then she changes; it’s really cool and worthy trying!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Blogger Of The Week

  1. Jeann Liew | LUMINNEJ

    Hi Elise,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and said hi. Hope you will discover more of Cle de Peau BEAUTE the brand if you have the chance next time.

    This is a great post! Checked her out briefly and love her idea of dressing only with her 37 pieces of wardrobe! I feel with so much going around in fashion these days, it’s quite a challenge to refrain ourselves from buying or owning more that we can cope *_^ Buy less but more quality. I think that’s always a good idea, though it’s easier said than done, in reality! haha

    Thanks for sharing this. Hope your exam is over by now and you did all right (if not, awesome!). Well, perhaps you will come to appreciate what your parents enforces on you one day. I have a son who is the age as you *_^

    Lovely to have discovered your blog.

    Stay lovely and happy, always!



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