Babor Winter And Summer Lipsticks

Babor Beauty

Last summer I bought a bright pink lipstick by Babor. I really love(d) the poppy pink color and the quality was really good. It holds pretty long and the color doesn’t fade quickly. So I decided, when I was looking for a winter color, I wanted to get one by Babor. And I did! I found this gorgeous deep red colour. Yeah, I think I found my lipstick brand now.

Babor lipstick      Babor lipstick

(left: summer article)                                                 (right: Lip Colour 2° – Shiny Plum)

I really like this deep red ‘Shiny Plum’, but when I put it on, I mostly pat my lips a bit with a paper cloth so the color isn’t so dark anymore and more suitable for my skin tone. The lipsticks are a bit pricy (€22), but the quality is so good and the colours are really pretty. So it’s really worth buying one or two Babor Lipsticks than five cheap ones that aren’t as good or even bad.

Babor Shiny Plum


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