DIY – Leather Bracelet With Pearls

Diy Bracelet
Hey girls! Earlier this month I saw a picture of a girl wearing such a pretty summer bracelet! It was leather with a row of little pearls on it. So I went upstairs searching trough my oh-so messy drawer and I found my small, leather bracelet I bought a few years ago. Because 1° I’d only wore it once, 2° it had costed me 1 euro and 3° I liked the pearly one much more, I decided to make that leather bracelet with colorful pearls myself using this one!


– a thin, but strong needle
– a small, leather bracelet
– pearls (diameter about 2 to 3 millimeters)
– a brown-color thread

TIP: If you’re not really a sewing kinda person (like me) and you don’t own a lot of variated colors in threads, this can help –> When you go to a hotel you get those little sewing bags like the ones on the photo, well there is a perfect brown colored thread you can use in there too!



Step 1: Put the end of the thread trough the eye of the needle and make a knot.

Step 2: Pierce the needle from the side facing the ground trough the bracelet until the whole needle is trough.

Step 3: Add a white pearl on the thread by the needle.

Step 4: Pierce the needle, now from the upper side, trough the leather. Pull the needle so the needle and the rest of the thread is now under the bracelet.

Step 5: Do step 3 and step 4 for 5 more white pearls.

Step 6: Do step 3 and step 4 for 6 colored pearls.

Step 7: Continue doing step 5 and step 6!

And you’re done! It’s really easy and you get such a pretty result! You just have to take your time and after an hour (or an hour and a half) it will definitely be done!

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