You must have seen them, the work-the-seventies looks. The seventies are back and designers brought there new collections fulled with fringes, leather, gladiator, suède, khaki and more. These collections all are seventies-like and with several (welcome) bohemian, hippy touches; especially now that the yearly Coachella festival has begun.



The gladiator sandal is the part that comes with this trend that I love the most! From Chloé to Zara, every brand as there one pair now! My favorites are the low, black ones from Gianvito Rossi.



Frings, I really like them because they make a piece look much more elegant and feminine. And with this new trend there are lots of them! Let me show you a couple of my favorites.


bohemian chic style spring lace top

The last item I’ll be showing you from the seventies looks, is the crocheted lace item that you can spot in every store at the moment! I really like them because they bring a twirly, loose twist to an outfit. They also lean to Moroccan style.


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