6 Best Movies For A Girls’ Night In


1 Bridget Jones’s Diary


This is the perfect feelgood movie to
watch with your girlfriends. It isn’t a
cliché romance story at all and Bridget
is just hilarious! Believe me, after
watching this one and the sequel you
will have a huge smile on your face!

2 Sex And The City The Movie (1&2)


Both are really good en fun to watch!
These movies are the true classics when
it comes to girlmovieworld. Especially
when you’re a Carrie Bradshaw-lover
(like I am ;) ) !

3 Mean Girls

92788_MeanGirls_Thnpck.ps, page 1 @ Normalize

Mean Girls is -especially for high
school girls- amazing. It is really a
movie with all of the clichés in one!
And who doesn’t want to watch
Rachel Mcadams as the bitch and

4 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


This is a fun and romantic story
and you will love it if you like the
sound of Kate Hudson as the crazy
girlfriend and Matthew McConaughey
trying to be the perfect lover!

5 Pitch Perfect


This one definitely is one of my
favorites! If you like singing and
dancing you will love this! And the
hilarious ‘Fat Amy’ makes this
movie even better!

6 Burlesque


This movie is the start of Christina
Aguilera’s career. It is filled with all the
famous cliché’s and that’s what makes
it so fun to watch, especially with your


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