How To Have Something To Wear Everyday

Every woman or girl hasexperienced the moment you stand in front of your open closet (that is filled with clothes) and with your hands in your hair you say: ‘I have nothing to wear.’. Some have it more then others and I got to say, even though I have a lot of clothing, I am part of them. I mean, I was a part of them. Now I don’t have that problem anymoreexcept on laundry day- , that’s because I have found my way of always having some pieces that are great together. And unlike most posts with the same appealing title, I hope this content can actually help you.

The first thing you really need are basics. It sounds simple and obvious, but a lot of people don’t have them. The pieces you really need are: a skinny jeans, a jeans shirt, a blazer, a v-neck, a ripped jeans, a formal shirt (long sleeved), a (cashmere or wool) sweater, a printed top and (short or long) pencil skirt. (all avaible at ) 

B5404_DM0824_m44875_DM0274_mpencil skirtC5459_DM0976_m05157_BK0001_mA9932_WT0002_m33284_GY6523_mC6339_BL8133_sC4268_WU1579_m

When you find the right basic, you have to make sure you buy two or three pieces of each. Not exactly the same of course, but in a different color, fabric or with a little decoration on it. So you can have a white and a grey v-neck; dark blue, light blue and white skinny jeans and so on. The best thing about having multiple basics is that when one is not fresh or not ironed, you can just take the other one (with basics the color doesn’t really matter if you stay in a soft pallet). With a few basics you have a whole look.

If you have all your basics, you can go and have fun! Just buy what you like, because everything can be combined with a simple basic! Now you can shop and look for beautiful pieces that reflect your style! You can experience with colors, prints and textures to mix and match with your basics until you have the perfect look!

And that is the secret to closet filled with clothes you love and are great together!


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