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Brain Tissue Reconditioning


A few weeks ago I read an article in the paper De Standaard about how the human brain tissue gets renewed. From earlier research we know that, in every body part, cells and tissue, are replaced. We also know exactly how fast this process is for skeletal muscle tissue. It was never possible to test human brain tissue in vivo, but now Luc van Loon from the UMCM (Medical Center Maastricht) has taken human brain tissue from 6 patients who were undergoing brain surgery. After testing the brain tissue and comparing the given samples to samples of e.g. knee tissue, he came to the conclusion that the continuous reconditioning of brain tissue happens a lot faster than we ever thought.

Brain activity asks for a lot of energy. Van Loon said that the necessity of a big amount of energy becomes clear when he got the test results back. A big part of that energy adds to the renewal process of tissue. Because all brain tissue is replaced, researcher Van Loon asked an existential question: ‘If the bricks of our brain are so frequently replaced, are we the same as we were a few weeks before?’ A few years back, I remember reading an article that stated that humans share more similarities with a stranger, than with their 7-year younger selves. I remember being very intrigued, but after doing some research on the web I did not succeed at finding any article about this theory or any other evidence.

The question of Van Loon got me to thinking of something else: could this be a scientific proof of the fact that humans have a soul?

Sourcesგანვითარების-5-სავარჯიშო/  (image)







Bugs, the food of the future?

So, why suddenly write about bugs you might ask yourself? Well, past Thursday I was in geography class. I was again shocked of my own ignorance. Before writing this you should know: I am not a vegetarian, I am not a vegan. I eat meat, I’ve always eaten meat and there’s only a really small chance I would give up eating meat in the nearby future.



But the numbers are shocking. Take a look at this…

Water Facts

My purpose is not to make you feel guilty about the quantity of water you use, absolutely not. I, Elise, am as guilty as charged like most of the people I know. I want to change my lifestyle, but step by step. Not ready to give up my weekly ‘DIY spa treatment’ (A.K.A a bath) yet. What I want to do now is focus on the last part of the video.

10 gallons/38 liters for one cotton t-shirt

2400 liters for a bar of dark chocolate

140 liters for one cup of coffee

1.550 liters for 100 grams of beef

To sum up our favorite products are made of a lot of water. Which isn’t bad, a world without chocolate is a world I wouldn’t want to live in. But 1.550 for only 100 grams of beef? After seeing the video, I believe that every rational human being can comprehend the world cannot take that massuse of water any much longer.

So my teacher -back to geography class now- told us that he thinks bugs are probably the food of the future. He asked us to raise our hand if we thought bugs will be the food of the future. And I, alongside a lot of my classmates, raised my hand. Then, he told us that he had bought 4 bags of different kind of bugs to class with him. Right there and then. Now was the moment we realized he was kind off testing us to see if we actually would do it and eat bugs. The statistics were against me, but I got that feeling of “EW that’s just disgusting”, again, alongside my classmates.

But of course, I didn’t want to be a chicken so I tried it. And? Well, I liked it. I ate a small grasshopper. It was fried or baked or whatever. But what I tasted were mostly the spices, which were Asian spices. If you think about it, why not? Insects taste good, they are healthy and a sustainable product.

If you want to learn more about bugs as food click here: BUGSfeed – learn it all!

The shop where my teacher bought the insects is called ‘Buggood’, located in Brussels.

Crushing hard: Sigrid

“Say I’m young, I don’t care, I won’t quit, oh no no no”, sounds like music to my ears, literally. If you have been paying close attention to the up-and-coming artists lately, this probably is the millionth time you’ve heard the name Sigrid.  If not, you will be thanking me for getting to know her music and most definitely the person behind it.

sigrid yellow

Before I start telling you about Sigrid, I want to give my thoughts on why she is so inspiring. Sigrid is only 21 years old. She is so young, yet already so mature, but still craving to learn. She has not lost her childish enthousiasm, which will allow her to grow fast. When listening to this girl through interviews and/or through her music, I get the feeling she is expressing her feelings and telling about her experiences through which others can relate. In short she is pure.


  • Sigrid Solbakk Raabe
  • 21 years old
  • Ålesund, Norway
  • Singer songwriter
  • If you like Dua Lipa/Lany 
  • hits: Don’t kill my vibe, Plot twist

Watch her

Sigrid -Don’t Kill My Vibe

Sigrid – Plot Twist

Vevo Meets: Sigrid

She writes her own songs and I found some quotes in her songs really beautifully put and food for thought. In the video of Vevo she describes her own music as aggressive pop, which I found really amusing. That made me think of what Dua Lipa said about her own music when she called it ‘dark pop’. The thing these two young artists have in common is that they both have rawness and honesty which they -really beautifully- translate into music. I got the chance to experience this myself past summer. When I went to PUKKELPOP 2017 ( a very popular festival right here in Belgium) I saw her with my sister doing what she does good. My sister and I both fell in love with her energy.
In short the thing I like about her is that she shows her kindness and power. She is a woman, yet still a girl and I love to see this as a young woman myself. I am only 17 and I love that a person who shows her kindness as her strength and not her weakness, is already so cheered on and encouraged to ‘stay calm and carry on’.

So shoutout to the world, let’s not kill this one’s vibe.

How To Have Something To Wear Everyday

Every woman or girl hasexperienced the moment you stand in front of your open closet (that is filled with clothes) and with your hands in your hair you say: ‘I have nothing to wear.’. Some have it more then others and I got to say, even though I have a lot of clothing, I am part of them. I mean, I was a part of them. Now I don’t have that problem anymoreexcept on laundry day- , that’s because I have found my way of always having some pieces that are great together. And unlike most posts with the same appealing title, I hope this content can actually help you.

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H&M Bohemian Chic

I have gone from disliking to absolutely loving H&M! This summer collection is just blowing me away! I like e-ve-ry-thing! I already ordered a pair of beautifull ripped shorts for only €15 (normally €30, but I got 50% off !) ! And just a few minites ago I got this email from H&M ‘bohemian chic’ and I really, I want every single piece in these pictures; definitely those shoes! Go check it out too here!


The New Muse By Net-A-Porter


In the latest Edit by net-a-porter you will find suede, bronze, wedge heels, frings and most importantly: denim. The model Arizona Muse wears the best SS15 pieces of the moment. My personal favorites are – as always actually- the heels. On the first picture she is wearing these incredibly beautiful tan wedge heels in suede by Gianvito Rossi (who else could it be?). She’s also wearing an amazing jacket by Chloé. Check it out for yourself here!




Photos by net-a-porter