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Bugs, the food of the future?

So, why suddenly write about bugs you might ask yourself? Well, past Thursday I was in geography class. I was again shocked of my own ignorance. Before writing this you should know: I am not a vegetarian, I am not a vegan. I eat meat, I’ve always eaten meat and there’s only a really small chance I would give up eating meat in the nearby future.



But the numbers are shocking. Take a look at this…

Water Facts

My purpose is not to make you feel guilty about the quantity of water you use, absolutely not. I, Elise, am as guilty as charged like most of the people I know. I want to change my lifestyle, but step by step. Not ready to give up my weekly ‘DIY spa treatment’ (A.K.A a bath) yet. What I want to do now is focus on the last part of the video.

10 gallons/38 liters for one cotton t-shirt

2400 liters for a bar of dark chocolate

140 liters for one cup of coffee

1.550 liters for 100 grams of beef

To sum up our favorite products are made of a lot of water. Which isn’t bad, a world without chocolate is a world I wouldn’t want to live in. But 1.550 for only 100 grams of beef? After seeing the video, I believe that every rational human being can comprehend the world cannot take that massuse of water any much longer.

So my teacher -back to geography class now- told us that he thinks bugs are probably the food of the future. He asked us to raise our hand if we thought bugs will be the food of the future. And I, alongside a lot of my classmates, raised my hand. Then, he told us that he had bought 4 bags of different kind of bugs to class with him. Right there and then. Now was the moment we realized he was kind off testing us to see if we actually would do it and eat bugs. The statistics were against me, but I got that feeling of “EW that’s just disgusting”, again, alongside my classmates.

But of course, I didn’t want to be a chicken so I tried it. And? Well, I liked it. I ate a small grasshopper. It was fried or baked or whatever. But what I tasted were mostly the spices, which were Asian spices. If you think about it, why not? Insects taste good, they are healthy and a sustainable product.

If you want to learn more about bugs as food click here: BUGSfeed – learn it all!

The shop where my teacher bought the insects is called ‘Buggood’, located in Brussels.


Selfmade Strawberry Ice-Cream

Elise's Choice

Yesterday I made myself this strawberry ice-cream. I used a recipe from the book ‘Frozen Pops’ . Yesterday was the very last day of my favorite month and it was still very hot for the time of the year. So I decided to make this strawberry ice-cream.

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fun thing to cook with

1. I brought two really cute ice cube trays from Milano. I bought them in Eataly. Continue reading



Een zomerdagje in je bikini met een goed boek en wat muziek is geweldig. En waar ik het meest naar uitkijk deze zomer zijn dan zo’n luie dagen in een ligzetel aan het zwembad.  Bij een moment zoals dat is een verfrissend drankje en een gezond hapje wel heel onmisbaar. In plaats van een cola of limonade kan je ook eens een smoothie of een cocktail maken. Bij een vriendin heb ik een overheerlijke frambozen smoothie gedronken. Dat was echt het perfecte zomerdrankje! Thuis heb ik het drankje nog eens zelf gemaakt. De smoothie klaarmaken is echt gemakkelijk en het duurt maar heel eventjes.
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Als het eens mijn beurt is om te koken of ik er gewoon zin in heb, maak ik vaak simpele en klassieke gerechten. Eens spaghetti, frietjes, penne of andere pasta’s. Continue reading

How to bake a muffin

Hoe maak je gemakkelijk een lekkere muffin?
Een muffin maken is niet gemakkelijk. Dus kan je bij het maken wat meer hulp gebruiken, zoals een dr.oetker-muffinpakket!  Continue reading