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How To Have Something To Wear Everyday

Every woman or girl hasexperienced the moment you stand in front of your open closet (that is filled with clothes) and with your hands in your hair you say: ‘I have nothing to wear.’. Some have it more then others and I got to say, even though I have a lot of clothing, I am part of them. I mean, I was a part of them. Now I don’t have that problem anymoreexcept on laundry day- , that’s because I have found my way of always having some pieces that are great together. And unlike most posts with the same appealing title, I hope this content can actually help you.

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H&M Bohemian Chic

I have gone from disliking to absolutely loving H&M! This summer collection is just blowing me away! I like e-ve-ry-thing! I already ordered a pair of beautifull ripped shorts for only €15 (normally €30, but I got 50% off !) ! And just a few minites ago I got this email from H&M ‘bohemian chic’ and I really, I want every single piece in these pictures; definitely those shoes! Go check it out too here!


The New Muse By Net-A-Porter


In the latest Edit by net-a-porter you will find suede, bronze, wedge heels, frings and most importantly: denim. The model Arizona Muse wears the best SS15 pieces of the moment. My personal favorites are – as always actually- the heels. On the first picture she is wearing these incredibly beautiful tan wedge heels in suede by Gianvito Rossi (who else could it be?). She’s also wearing an amazing jacket by Chloé. Check it out for yourself here!




Photos by net-a-porter



You must have seen them, the work-the-seventies looks. The seventies are back and designers brought there new collections fulled with fringes, leather, gladiator, suède, khaki and more. These collections all are seventies-like and with several (welcome) bohemian, hippy touches; especially now that the yearly Coachella festival has begun.



The gladiator sandal is the part that comes with this trend that I love the most! From Chloé to Zara, every brand as there one pair now! My favorites are the low, black ones from Gianvito Rossi.



Frings, I really like them because they make a piece look much more elegant and feminine. And with this new trend there are lots of them! Let me show you a couple of my favorites.


bohemian chic style spring lace top

The last item I’ll be showing you from the seventies looks, is the crocheted lace item that you can spot in every store at the moment! I really like them because they bring a twirly, loose twist to an outfit. They also lean to Moroccan style.

Currently Loving


Hi you guys! I think you’ve already seen my Stan Smith’s… Sorry, I’m just so in love with them! I’m also really in love with some other things!

1. Ripped Jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch
2. Adidas Stan Smith (green)
3. Pineaplle Top by Mango

My Pair Of Adidas’ Stan Smith


Hello Guys! It’s been a while now. A week ago I decided to have a small blogging break so I could focus some more on school and sleep ;). And now it is vacation for a week. Aaa-and I went shopping yesterdag and brought home (finally!) my own pair of Adidas Stan Smith! I’m so excited for summer when I can wear them every day! I’m so in love, and they also fit really well! I already told you (here) that I wasn’t sure which color I should take and I still wasn’t 100% sure in the store, but I liked the green ones just a bit more than the blue ones, so yeah, the green ones! I’m really happy my choice!

Do you have Stan Smith’s? / Which color do you have?

Favorite Blogger Of The Week

Favorite Blogger Of The Week

This week my favorite blogger is … Caroline from! Caroline is a fashion blogger from the USA who currently lives in Texas. Why I like her so much? She isn’t just a fashion blogger. She invented this thing called a ‘capsule wardrobe’, every 3 months she chooses 25-30 pieces that she loves out of her closet and wears them for 3 months! Then she changes; it’s really cool and worthy trying!