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Weekly ♡’s


Hi guys! I guess you all know , but for the ones of you who don’t: it is a site where you can find and share beautiful photo’s. Every week I’ll show you 6 of my knew hearts.

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Little Things That Make Me Smile


It’s funny how my last post is about feeling off and this one is about things that make me smile. There are a few things that do make me smile when I’m in a bad mood.

1. Watch ‘Friends’

This is what I do almost every time. Also when I am happy. I love the series so much, I saw all the episodes, but I still laugh as hard as I did the first time. They really cheer me up!

2. Calling a Friend

This is what I do when I’m upset. Calling a friend really makes me feel better. Sometimes I get worried over the most little things and then I call my friends. They tell me I’m being stupid and that I have no reason to worry; and that really makes me feel better.

3. Watch a Feel Good Movie

It sounds stupid but it works so well, I just put on Pitch Perfect and I feel much better again.

4. Sing A Long

Maybe you’re not really feeling like singing. But you really gotta do it! Turn on some music and just start dancing and singing. Promise, you’ll feel much, much better!

Feeling Off

feeling off

I’m really feeling like not going to school tomorrow but I still have this thing called parents that don’t allow it. I have a bunch of work to do and I’m just not feeling like studying at all. I have two presentations tomorrow for English and French and I also have a fysics test. Shitty things if you ask me. But I don’t tell anyone because I don’t want them to think I’m a wining and spoiled kid that doesn’t want to work. I think it’s also the weather that’s making me feel shitty. It’s been raining and snowing the whole day. Not even sticky snow, snow that goes away in seconds. I want to watch Friends the rest of the day and go to bed early so I can forget about this lousy first day of the month. I hope your having a better day.

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Favorite Blogger Of The Week

Favorite Blogger Of The Week

This week my favorite blogger is … Caroline from! Caroline is a fashion blogger from the USA who currently lives in Texas. Why I like her so much? She isn’t just a fashion blogger. She invented this thing called a ‘capsule wardrobe’, every 3 months she chooses 25-30 pieces that she loves out of her closet and wears them for 3 months! Then she changes; it’s really cool and worthy trying!

Favorites Of My Feed

favorites of my feed

A must-read –> How To Streamline Your Wardrobe

This looks so delicious!
I think I’m going to make these
blood orange popsicles.

A post that can really come in handy!
7 Monday Morning Hairstyles That You Can Do Under 5 Minutes

Inspiring photos of a beautiful
flat in Lyon.

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2014 was the year when Elise’s Choice really started growing. I blogged the whole year long, not every day of course (I tried to but that’s hard). So today I’m going to look back and show you guys which posts you liked the most!

2014 was het jaar waarin deze blog het meest groeide. Ik heb het hele jaar lang geblogd, niet elke dag natuurlijk (dat heb ik geprobeerd, maar dat is moeilijk). Dus vandaag kijk ik terug naar het voorbije jaar and overloop met jullie de berichten die jullie het leukst vonden!

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