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Hi you guys! I think you’ve already seen my Stan Smith’s… Sorry, I’m just so in love with them! I’m also really in love with some other things!

1. Ripped Jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch
2. Adidas Stan Smith (green)
3. Pineaplle Top by Mango

DIY – Leather Bracelet With Pearls

Diy Bracelet
Hey girls! Earlier this month I saw a picture of a girl wearing such a pretty summer bracelet! It was leather with a row of little pearls on it. So I went upstairs searching trough my oh-so messy drawer and I found my small, leather bracelet I bought a few years ago. Because 1° I’d only wore it once, 2° it had costed me 1 euro and 3° I liked the pearly one much more, I decided to make that leather bracelet with colorful pearls myself using this one!


– a thin, but strong needle
– a small, leather bracelet
– pearls (diameter about 2 to 3 millimeters)
– a brown-color thread

TIP: If you’re not really a sewing kinda person (like me) and you don’t own a lot of variated colors in threads, this can help –> When you go to a hotel you get those little sewing bags like the ones on the photo, well there is a perfect brown colored thread you can use in there too!


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My Pair Of Adidas’ Stan Smith


Hello Guys! It’s been a while now. A week ago I decided to have a small blogging break so I could focus some more on school and sleep ;). And now it is vacation for a week. Aaa-and I went shopping yesterdag and brought home (finally!) my own pair of Adidas Stan Smith! I’m so excited for summer when I can wear them every day! I’m so in love, and they also fit really well! I already told you (here) that I wasn’t sure which color I should take and I still wasn’t 100% sure in the store, but I liked the green ones just a bit more than the blue ones, so yeah, the green ones! I’m really happy my choice!

Do you have Stan Smith’s? / Which color do you have?

Babor Winter And Summer Lipsticks

Babor Beauty

Last summer I bought a bright pink lipstick by Babor. I really love(d) the poppy pink color and the quality was really good. It holds pretty long and the color doesn’t fade quickly. So I decided, when I was looking for a winter color, I wanted to get one by Babor. And I did! I found this gorgeous deep red colour. Yeah, I think I found my lipstick brand now.

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Little Things That Make Me Smile


It’s funny how my last post is about feeling off and this one is about things that make me smile. There are a few things that do make me smile when I’m in a bad mood.

1. Watch ‘Friends’

This is what I do almost every time. Also when I am happy. I love the series so much, I saw all the episodes, but I still laugh as hard as I did the first time. They really cheer me up!

2. Calling a Friend

This is what I do when I’m upset. Calling a friend really makes me feel better. Sometimes I get worried over the most little things and then I call my friends. They tell me I’m being stupid and that I have no reason to worry; and that really makes me feel better.

3. Watch a Feel Good Movie

It sounds stupid but it works so well, I just put on Pitch Perfect and I feel much better again.

4. Sing A Long

Maybe you’re not really feeling like singing. But you really gotta do it! Turn on some music and just start dancing and singing. Promise, you’ll feel much, much better!

Feeling Off

feeling off

I’m really feeling like not going to school tomorrow but I still have this thing called parents that don’t allow it. I have a bunch of work to do and I’m just not feeling like studying at all. I have two presentations tomorrow for English and French and I also have a fysics test. Shitty things if you ask me. But I don’t tell anyone because I don’t want them to think I’m a wining and spoiled kid that doesn’t want to work. I think it’s also the weather that’s making me feel shitty. It’s been raining and snowing the whole day. Not even sticky snow, snow that goes away in seconds. I want to watch Friends the rest of the day and go to bed early so I can forget about this lousy first day of the month. I hope your having a better day.

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Favorite Blogger Of The Week

Favorite Blogger Of The Week

This week my favorite blogger is … Caroline from! Caroline is a fashion blogger from the USA who currently lives in Texas. Why I like her so much? She isn’t just a fashion blogger. She invented this thing called a ‘capsule wardrobe’, every 3 months she chooses 25-30 pieces that she loves out of her closet and wears them for 3 months! Then she changes; it’s really cool and worthy trying!