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Hi guys! I guess you all know wehearit.com , but for the ones of you who don’t: it is a site where you can find and share beautiful photo’s. Every week I’ll show you 6 of my knew hearts.

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You must have seen them, the work-the-seventies looks. The seventies are back and designers brought there new collections fulled with fringes, leather, gladiator, suède, khaki and more. These collections all are seventies-like and with several (welcome) bohemian, hippy touches; especially now that the yearly Coachella festival has begun.



The gladiator sandal is the part that comes with this trend that I love the most! From Chloé to Zara, every brand as there one pair now! My favorites are the low, black ones from Gianvito Rossi.



Frings, I really like them because they make a piece look much more elegant and feminine. And with this new trend there are lots of them! Let me show you a couple of my favorites.


bohemian chic style spring lace top

The last item I’ll be showing you from the seventies looks, is the crocheted lace item that you can spot in every store at the moment! I really like them because they bring a twirly, loose twist to an outfit. They also lean to Moroccan style.

Thoughts On Confidence

Thoughts on confidence

When people ask me,”Do you have enough confidence?”, I always tell them I do and then I laugh a bit to make the question go away a little bit faster. The thing is, I always thought I knew I had enough confidence. I was always convinced I did. But lately I learned that I didn’t know it. What is ‘enough’ confidence? When I buy some knew clothing for example, I always wait for a wednesday for me to wear it. That’s because I’m afraid people won’t like them, they will gossip or something like that, and a wednesday is just a half day. Now that I’ve bought these Stan Smith’s (yes, sorry for bringing them up again), that I love btw, I am afraid to wear them. It is so silly I know, but there is this feeling inside me that’s just saying “Wait, I don’t have to wear them right know, right? And people won’t like them or they will like the shoes but won’t like them on me.” I think it’s also because I know a few of my friends don’t like them, and also because a few others are now also wearing them. Then I started thinking, people may gossip, but they’ll gossip once. Then it is over, one sentence, a few yeah’s, u-uh’s and they’re already talking about something new? Why would I worry, I mean really; People. Don’t. Give. A. Shit.

But then I go to school and I hear another (really I should start counting) comment about my body and I’m off to where I started. Sure, my friends tell me “they’re just jealous” or “you’re so pretty” and it helps, really it does. Because that means they’re real friends, I also have a friend who gossips behind my back and that isn’t nice. When I go to bed I start thinking about all that stuff. Most of the time I come to these conclusions : Why do people even care about someone’s body? What is so special about it? Can’t I just be Elise and not Elise That Skinny Girl?

I know I shouldn’t care so much about other people’s opinions about me or my looks, but as much as I want to, that’s who I am and I can’t change it. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. Sure I know a few people who care less and people who care more, but no one who actually doesn’t care. And that’s just sad. I guess just one of the many flaws in this world. But there is one thing good about it though, you really learn who your friends are and I did.

“When you consider things like the stars, our affairs don’t seem to matter very much, do they?”  – Virginia Woolf

photo: weheartit.com 

Currently Polishing


Hi! You know I love and collect nailpolish and certainly Essie’s! So now I’ve put on this really pretty brow color on. It’s by Essie ;) and is called ‘Over The Knee’. You can buy it on essie.com. My sister got me three Essie colors for my birthday back in Octobre and I gotta say that this one really is my favorite! And that pineapple was delicious as well! I couldn’t wait to eat it when I was taking this picture!  Continue reading

Currently Loving


Hi you guys! I think you’ve already seen my Stan Smith’s… Sorry, I’m just so in love with them! I’m also really in love with some other things!

1. Ripped Jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch
2. Adidas Stan Smith (green)
3. Pineaplle Top by Mango

DIY – Leather Bracelet With Pearls

Diy Bracelet
Hey girls! Earlier this month I saw a picture of a girl wearing such a pretty summer bracelet! It was leather with a row of little pearls on it. So I went upstairs searching trough my oh-so messy drawer and I found my small, leather bracelet I bought a few years ago. Because 1° I’d only wore it once, 2° it had costed me 1 euro and 3° I liked the pearly one much more, I decided to make that leather bracelet with colorful pearls myself using this one!


– a thin, but strong needle
– a small, leather bracelet
– pearls (diameter about 2 to 3 millimeters)
– a brown-color thread

TIP: If you’re not really a sewing kinda person (like me) and you don’t own a lot of variated colors in threads, this can help –> When you go to a hotel you get those little sewing bags like the ones on the photo, well there is a perfect brown colored thread you can use in there too!


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My Pair Of Adidas’ Stan Smith


Hello Guys! It’s been a while now. A week ago I decided to have a small blogging break so I could focus some more on school and sleep ;). And now it is vacation for a week. Aaa-and I went shopping yesterdag and brought home (finally!) my own pair of Adidas Stan Smith! I’m so excited for summer when I can wear them every day! I’m so in love, and they also fit really well! I already told you (here) that I wasn’t sure which color I should take and I still wasn’t 100% sure in the store, but I liked the green ones just a bit more than the blue ones, so yeah, the green ones! I’m really happy my choice!

Do you have Stan Smith’s? / Which color do you have?